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Twilight = Trash
Kitty meets Flutterby
Has the world gone absolutely insane? Everyone's crazy about Twilight. A close friend of mine even wrote about how it "doesn't have cliches" and she was so sure that I would adore Edward Cullen. No offense to her, but Twilight (book and movie) is trash. Utter trash. My sister was curious about the whole Twilight craze, so she borrowed her friend's book. When she was done, she told me, "Ciaee!! OMG THE BOOK IS SOOOO BAD IT'S GOOD."

I'm not even gonna try and write a review on the story because it'll probably come out sounding quite hateful, and it's not exactly the author's fault that people are crazy over her work. But here are two funny reviews I found. I cracked up so many times.

I want to beat Edward Cullen with a stick.

This is why I stay away from romance books.

If Twilight was written 100 years ago, I can understand. Because back then a story like this might've been breaking new grounds. But today, hasn't a teenage-drama-vampire-love-story like this one been a million times over? And her writing style is really nothing impressive.

I'm definitely getting the DVD of the movie. I can't wait to watch it together with my sis when she comes back from the US. It's going to be soooo. much. fun. 8D

I've been wanting to get that out of my system for a while.

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Exactly. It's so bad it's good. xD
Although the 4th book crossed the line and was just utter shit. Except the part where Bella blew up.

Omg, she blows up? Buh-wahahahaha!

I might have to download the PDF just to read that part. xD

It makes the whole series worthwhile. 8D

(sorry, I suck at checking reply emails in a timely manner >_<)


(Aww, replying late is okay. *huggles*)

Hi Ciaee!
Thanks for the add! My name is Chau btw! :D And I think I'm in love! <3 Your art is amazing!!! You are sooo flipping lucky you're taking bobby chiu's classes!!!! I missed my chances when he was teaching in toronto twice >__<
It's really great that I get to see what he teaches your there, looks fantastic! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your posts! ^__^

PS: I've noticed on your resume, you went to Academy of Arts University! :O I'm in canada right now and want to get my masters in illustration in the U.S. after graduation :) It would be great if you could msg me what you thought of that school! Did you like it, were the teachers professional, hard to get into, do you need a lot of figure drawing, etc ^^ whatever bits of information will be appreciated! tehhee thanks! I'm glad you added me lol yaayyyy!


Thank you very much and I'm happy to hear that you like my work! Bobby's class is ending in 2 days for me. :( But I've definitely learned a lot. :D

About AAU, I took their online courses and they were pretty good! My sister is studying there (on campus) right now and she keeps telling me good things about the school and the city. I've visited San Francisco once last year and I absolutely loved everything about it.

Their acceptance rate (for BA) is 100%, but their workload is pretty heavy and the dropout rate is around 40%. And like every school, there are good teachers and there are bad teachers... you have to do a bit of asking around (or check out the AAU forum thread on CGTalk) to find out which teachers' classed you'd want to get into, and which are the teachers you'd want to avoid.

I don't know much about their masters program though. From what I hear so far, it's a good school located in a nice city, they have good teachers, solid syllabus and all the facilities you'll need.

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